Take a step back in time to an era when songs with simple melodies were all the rage and crooners were king.  It may sound like it's 60 years ago but it's not.  And while the songs may be old, the singer certainly isn't.  You see the man behind the mic is in his early twenties. His name, Charlie Romo and he knows how to connect with his crowd on his own kid-from-New York terms.  He is a millennial with a celestial range, smooth delivery and an age-defying way with a lyric.

Recognized by Broadway World as the 2016 Best Debut Show, Charlie Romo, Today's Hottest Crooner Singing the Music of Yesterday, performs like he was born on the stage. Not your typical Sinatra-worshiping crooner, Romo certainly has the showbiz swagger and scintillating sparkle of Sinatra, Darin, Torme and Crosby.   


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